Black Patchouli Incense

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Black patchouli incense is known for its rich, earthy aroma that can help create a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. The fragrance is long-lasting, making it a great option for any setting.

In this article, we will provide information about the background of black patchouli incense, as well as explore some of the benefits that people have found when using this type of incense.

Black Patchouli Incense

The oils that are extracted from the patchouli plant are usually distilled in stainless steel vats and when processed they are a light brown color. However some are distilled in iron vats and this gives them a darker coloring and a more powerful aroma. When these dark oils are used to make incense sticks, coils or powders they are referred to as Black Patchouli.

There is also a variety of the patchouli plant grown in Africa which produces a darker almost blue-black oil and this is known as East African Black patchouli. Many people who are used to the light or red patchouli find the black patchouli to be more potent and the scent is longer lasting.

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Black Patchouli Incense Benefits

Black patchouli is often said to be helpful when used in aromatherapy to treat a variety of conditions. 

Dark patchouli has a more intense aroma and is deeper and richer than light patchouli. Dark o black patchouli has a longer lasting fragrance. Black patchouli is more commonly used in perfumes as a base and as an ingredient in patchouli scented soaps because the scent does not fade as quickly after a time.

Black patchouli incense sticks are slow burning and have strong stress-relieving properties that can replace tiredness with a refreshed mind, and the earthy aroma will fill your home with a sense of calm. The fragrance is described as being strong, earthy and woody, with notes of black pepper.

Parting Words

Black patchouli incense has a strong and distinct aroma that can provide a range of benefits. However, it’s important to note that it may not be to everyone’s taste.

In my opinion, patchouli incense is an excellent choice for meditation, manifestation, or Wiccan rituals.


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