7 Best Dragon Incense Burners (Plus 2 Stick Holders)


Dragon-themed incense burners are a popular decorative item in various cultures, particularly in Asia. They make for great gifts for special occasions, and are widely appreciated for their intricate designs and cultural significance.

In this article, we will examine the various types of dragon incense burners available on the market and provide an overview of the different styles and designs. Additionally, we will discuss key factors to consider when selecting a dragon-themed incense holder, such as size, material, and purpose.

In Chinese culture the dragon symbolizes power, strength and good luck. It is a spiritual figure which brings prosperity and harmony, and has control over rain, storms, typhoons and floods.

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Incense Burners Shaped like Dragons 

The use of dragons in China can be dated back to 5,000 BC with the discovery of a dragon statue in an excavation in Henan in 1987.

From around the same period jade carvings have been found displaying dragon motifs. The dragons are usually depicted as snakes with four legs, some with wings and some without.

It is natural then, that dragon shaped incense burners can be found in many households to bring good luck and harmony to the occupants, which can make them a welcome gift for special occasions.

Backflow Dragon Burners

The most popular models use the backflow cone system. The incense cones are designed so that the smoke comes from underneath the cone.

The smoke is denser than air so it flows downwards, giving illusions of a stream, a spring  or a waterfall.

Most buyers find that just watching the smoke slowly flow is relaxing and soothing, while even when the incense is not burning these dragon burners are attractive and interesting ornaments.

01. INONE Ceramic Dragon Incense Burner

In the following example, the dragon’ head is bending down.

The incense cone sits in a small hole in his back between his wings, and the smoke passes through the dragon, out of his mouth and down some steps like a waterfall.

Most-Reviewed Product:

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
INONE Ceramic Dragon Incense Burner with 100 Cones

It is made in a dark purple ceramic, it comes with 100 incense cones of various fragrances, and has a small hole for placing an incense stick.

02. Fly Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Fly Dragon Backflow Incense Burner with 10 PCS Cones

This next incense holder is similar to the previous one, and again this dragon is shown with large wings – a flying dragon.

It comes with 10 cones and also has a small hole in the base to place an incense stick.

Video: Dragon Backflow Incense burner

03. Dragon Incense Holders Ceramic Handcraft

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PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Dragon Ceramic Backflow Handcraft Incense Burner

The burner has a simpler design, a wingless dragon bending over a small pool, from which the smoke flows down to fill a larger pool.

Handcrafted in a semi-gloss black ceramic this piece is less ornate but still with a timeless elegance.

04. Dragon Ceramic Waterfall Incense Holder

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Dragon Ceramic Waterfall Incense Holder with 100 Cones

This winged dragon is perched on a small tower.

The smoke from the backflow cone pours from the mouth of the dragon, forming a waterfall as it flows down the three steps of the tower, into a rocky pool. This comes with 40 incense cones in a mixture of eight natural scents. 

It is in a black glazed ceramic, slightly aged, giving it a worn, antique appearance.

05. Fantasy Gifts Dragon Back Flow Burner

Most Elegant:

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Fantasy Gifts Dragon Back Flow Burner

This unusual piece has a brightly colored dragon, in vivid blue and green, wings extended, perched on a large crystal geode.

The crystal is backlit with a small LED light (AA batteries not included) which makes the geode sparkle, changing color as the incense smoke flows down through it, into a pool at the base.

This is quite an exotic item, ideal for someone adventurous with their décor choices. It may be a suitable gift for a young person who enjoys fantasy fiction and games.

06. Handmade Backflow Ceramic Incense Holder

Best Branded Product:

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Handmade Backflow Incense Burner Ceramic

This burner features a small LED light in a ball, crafted with a cut-crystal effect.

As the smoke pours from the dragon’s mouth down a waterfall around the ball, the light in the ball changes color. This creates a wonderful effect in a semi-darkened room as you relax in the evening.

07. Mangetal Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Mangetal Incense Burner

The dragon in this porcelain ceramic burner appears to be holding a fortune-teller’s crystal ball, and the smoke from the incense curls around the ball giving an aura of mystery.

As you gaze at this interesting object, you may wonder what the dragon sees in the ball.

Video: Dragon Incense Burner


All of these backflow dragon-style incense burners are reasonably priced in the range $20 to $26, and could be excellent gifts for anyone who would appreciate the special properties and legends of the Chinese dragon.

A Few Other Points to Consider

The dragons have many different forms, but are all intriguing décor objects to give a room a soothing and relaxing ambiance.

It should be noted that only special backflow cones should be used in these burners. If an ordinary cone is used it won’t have the effect of flowing smoke.

Also it should be noted that care has to be taken when removing the remains of the cone from the burner for cleaning.

Check that the cone has completely finished smoldering and has cooled down to avoid accidents.

All burners come with special tweezers to pick up the remaining cone debris, and they also come with a small mat to place underneath the burners, to avoid damage to furniture.

Dragon Incense Stick Holders

Two other dragon shaped incense burners are in fact simply holders for incense sticks.

01. Triple-Head Dragon Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Bellaa Triple Head Dragon Incense Stick Burner

The first one features a three-headed dragon, echoing the Chimera, the three-headed monster of Greek mythology.

The dragon is laying back with the three heads looking back at the burning incense stick. There is also a small holder for an incense cone but this is not designed for a backflow cone.

This item is priced at a little less than $20 reflecting its simplicity as an object, although like all these dragon burners it is highly crafted and glazed.

02. Mythical Fire Breathing Dragon Incense Holder & Burner Combo Statue

Best Overall:

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Mythical Fire Breathing Dragon Incense Holder & Burner Combo Statue

The second has a metallic look made in cold-cast resin with inset red stones for eyes.

At first it just looks like an ornate, Gothic style dragon’s head but when the head is lifted it reveals a separate base, with a holder for either a stick or normal incense cone.

This dragon is priced at a premium, just over $40, due to its ornate complexity and its two-piece construction.

Parting Words

Dragons are a popular subject in various cultures and are steeped in legend and lore.

Dragon incense burners are highly sought after by dragon enthusiasts worldwide as they are believed to bring positive energy and good fortune to homes.

Available in a wide range of designs and colors, dragon incense burners can complement any home décor.

Their unique and intricate designs make them a perfect gift for any special occasion. So, if you’re searching for a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind present, a dragon incense burner may be the perfect choice for someone who has everything.

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