Backflow Incense Cones Not Working [5 Troubleshooting Steps]


Even though it’s extremely easy to burn and enjoy the pungent smell of backflow incense cones, sometimes they may not work as intended. 


Well, there could be many reasons, but some of them include not holding and lighting the cones properly. Similarly, not aligning the cones with the burner can also cause hurdles for the smoke to go downward. 

To address all such problems, I am here to provide 5 troubleshooting steps that may help you light up backflow incense cones without any hassle. 

Let’s take a look: 

Troubleshooting the Backflow Incense Cones Not Working Problem

1. Not Holding the Cones Properly 

I am quite sure that you already know how to light up a backflow incense cone. But (of course, there is always a BUT) you may not be holding the cones properly. 

In case you have a backflow incense cone, you may already have its burner too. Look closely and you will find tweezers or tongs with the burner. Use them to hold the cones horizontally. 

Light up the cone and allow its tip to get burnt for 5 to 10 seconds until and unless you see the ember (orange color). 

Holding the cones properly may, therefore, make the cones work in 99% of cases. 

2. Lighting Up the Cones in a Hurry

That is so obvious. Because I was once quite impatient with lighting up the cones, I am sure you guys may also struggle with it. 

Well, truth be told, you have to maintain your patience, especially while lighting up the cones. 

When you strike a match or use a lighter, make sure that you see the flame coming out of the tip of the cones. 

You can repeat this process until you see embers followed by smoke going downwards. 

This is one other way you can make the backflow incense cones work to enjoy a therapeutic smell and aroma. 

3. Not Aligning the Holes

Another mistake that many of you make while lighting the backflow incense cones is not aligning its holes with the burner.

Once you see smoke coming out of the bottom of the cone, carefully align it with the hole on top of the backflow incense cone burner. 

Once you are done with the perfect alignment, you will see smoke properly spreading downwards thus offering you an environment worthy enough of meditation and relaxing.

4. Cleaning and Maintaining the Burner Holes 

If you are an avid user of backflow incense cones, you may need to check the burner on which you light up the cones frequently. 

In many cases, the burner holes may get clogged due to dust, foreign particles, or even ash. 

If that happens, the smoke will get blocked thus keeping you away from enjoying an aesthetic environment. 

To make sure that everything works okay, check the backflow incense burner holes frequently. 

If the holes are clogged, use a pointy object to clean them and make them workable again. 

After proper cleaning, you can align the holes of the cone with that of the burner for the smoke to properly flow downward. 

5. Environmental Factors Affecting the Working of Incense Cones

Last but not least, you must take the environmental factors into account to ensure proper working of backflow incense cones. 

For that purpose, the primary requirement is to light up the cones in an oxygen-friendly environment. That’s because combustion can’t happen in the absence of oxygen. 

Now, the presence of oxygen does not mean that you light up the cones in a draught or near an open window. If you do so, the cones will never light up properly, thus, leaving you in agony rather than a relaxing and peaceful environment. 

Storage, on the other hand, can also affect the working. If you’ve kept the cones in a damp and moisturized place for a long time, you will have a hard time lighting them up. 

All in all, just make sure that the place where you want to burn the cones is properly ventilated and without strong winds or air. To avoid moisture, store them in a dry place and I will recommend a ziplock plastic bag for that purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to buy the backflow incense cones for the smoke to come downward? 

Regular incense cones do not have a hole in the bottom, so when you light them up, the smoke will go upward. In contrast, backflow cones have a hole inside them that allows the smoke to become dense and flow downwards. Hence, it’s necessary to get backflow incense cones if you want to use them with backflow burners. 

2. Can I store the backflow incense cones anywhere? 

That would be a bad idea for if the cones get dampened or moistured, they will not light up. Even if they do, the smoke will not be as dense as you expect. I always recommend storing them in a dry place. Put them in a zip-lock plastic bag to keep yourself worry-free of moisture. 

3. Can you use a backflow incense cone in a regular burner? 

Yeah, it’s possible but if you do that, the smoke will go upward. For the smoke to go in a downward manner, both cones and burner holes must be properly aligned. A regular burner does not have such holes and will not let the smoke from the cones pass downwards. 

4. Can I poke a hole in a regular incense cone? 

It could get a bit tricky and DIYey but you certainly can poke holes in a regular incense cone using a hand drill. Will it work the way you expect? Well they will work and the smoke will go downward but it will not be as dense as you’d expect from a premade backflow incense cone. 

5. Why does backflow incense sink? 

When you light up the tip of the cone, the cool air along with smoke mixture becomes denser than that of the hot air rising from the tip. Thanks to the holes in the cone, this smoke mixture starts sinking and flows in a backward (downward) way in a backflow burner offering a pungent smell and a peaceful experience. 

Some Last Words: 

The backflow incense cones not working problem may arise due to many reasons and I have addressed almost all of them. 

Just to make sure that you are on the safe side, always buy the premade backflow cones that smell good and make sure that you have a properly maintained and cleaned backflow burner available. 

Rest assured, if you follow all the troubleshooting steps, you will never face any problems while lighting up the cones for a wholesome and relaxing experience. 


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