Does Incense Repel Flies? [Detailed Answer]


Those who are interested in the benefits of incense deserve to know whether it can repel flies or not. 

Well, incense is capable of repelling flies and making your outdoor date even more romantic than ever. 

However, you have to be specific with the type of incense sticks or cones if your primary goal is to keep the flies and mosquitos away from your table. 

Let’s talk about insect-repelling incense smells followed by using them effectively to keep the flies and other pests away! 

Why Use Incense Instead of Insect Sprays to Repel Flies?

Flies are a nuisance! That’s a fact that almost every homeowner knows. Not only do they spread sickness by spreading bacteria, they will make your lives miserable for sure. 

Now, a common question that you may ask is why not use insect sprays to keep the flies away? 

Indeed a valid question, but let me tell you something – “Insect sprays, most of the time are allergenic. Plus, their smell is extremely awful even though they are quite effective against flies.”

Compared to that, the smell of incense is quite therapeutic, creates an aesthetic environment, and looks good when you smell it. 

All in all, when a pleasant and pungent incense smell is capable of repelling flies and mosquitoes, then why use insect sprays with a foul smell? 

That’s the reason we recommend using incense when it comes to repelling flies outside. 

How Incense Repels Flies? 

Fortunately, incense also works as a great fly repellent. Flies have an excellent sense of smell houseflies have been proven to be able to detect smells from up to four miles away, so it is a matter of finding which incense the flies like the least, and will act as a deterrent.

To understand how this works, we need to know that over time many plants have evolved their natural insecticides, to keep bugs away.

When the essential oils are extracted from these plants and used to make incense, the insect-repelling properties are active in the incense smoke.

One of the best-known of these is patchouli, which has been used as an insect deterrent for centuries.

Cinnamon, clove, lavender, eucalyptus, and citronella are also very effective insect-repellent incense.

These are available as individual incense sticks or are sometimes found as a blend of several fragrances.

Burning some of these will guarantee the flies will stay away, and at the same fill your home with pleasant, refreshing odors.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use incense to keep insects and flies away? 

Not just every smell but you have to be specific. Only use the incense from plants like Citronella, Cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus. These smells are capable of keeping the flies and other insects away for a long period. 

Do flies hate nice smells? 

They do not certainly like nice smells, especially from plant-based essential oils such as Cinnamon and Citronella. The olfactory organs in blood-feeding insects including flies and mosquitoes get affected by the incense smell and therefore they hate them. 

Do people use incense sticks or cones to keep mosquitoes away? 

People use both incense sticks and cones to keep mosquitoes away. It does not matter whether you use a stick or a cone. Just make sure that the ingredients in these items include the likes of fly deterrents such as Citronella and Eucalyptus, etc. 

Does incense repel roaches? 

Bugs like roaches won’t get easily affected by the smell of incense. They usually repel the smoke only when the incense is burning. I will still recommend you not to get your hopes high when it comes to repelling roaches with incense. Better use the aromatic backflow incense cones to repel flies and mosquitoes only. 

Final Takeaways

When a home is filled with people and food, it can quickly become a magnet for flies.

These insects are drawn to the smells of food, human activity, and waste, making them a common presence in homes around the world. Unfortunately, their presence can also lead to the spread of fly-borne diseases.

To address the problem of flies in the home, using certain types of incense can be an effective and natural solution. This incense can act as a repellent for flies, offering a safe and natural alternative to traditional chemical pest control methods.

Furthermore, Incense can be burned in different forms like sticks, cones, and coils, which can be placed strategically in areas where flies tend to congregate, such as the kitchen or near garbage cans. This makes incense a convenient and effective way to keep your home fly-free.

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