Palo Santo and Patchouli

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In this blog post, let’s look at how patchouli and palo santo blend together.

Palo santo, also known as the “Tree of Life,” is a popular choice for adding a warm ambiance to the home and has a rich history of spiritual uses.

When burned, the wood emits a soothing citrus aroma that blends well with a variety of other scents, including frankincense, myrrh, lavender, and patchouli.

On the other hand, patchouli, an earthy and woody fragrance, is known for its complexity and depth.

When paired with the calming citrus notes of palo santo, the result is an even more intriguing and alluring scent.

Together, patchouli and palo santo create a powerful and grounding aroma that can be enjoyed for both its aesthetic and spiritual benefits.

Palo Santo and Patchouli

Palo santo is a Spanish phrase meaning ‘Holy Wood’, and it come from a tree grown in Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries. It grows in tropical forests and produces a fragrant resin.

The wood, oil and resin of palo santo have been used by indigenous people for thousands of years for medicinal purposes to treat pain and stress and in rituals to clear negative energy.

Palo santo produces an oil called Limonene, which is also found in the skin of citrus fruit, and studies have found this to be helpful in pain relief. It is also an effective insecticide and cleanser.

Many natural detergent and household cleaners are citrus based since although it is an acid it is completely safe and non-toxic and does not leave an chemical residue.

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Blended with patchouli which also has medicinal and insect repellent properties, these qualities are much stronger than individually.

Blending the oils in aromatherapy increases the way in which palo santo and patchouli relieve stress and pain from headaches and migraines.

Palo santo and patchouli is available in scented candles, using the medium of beeswax or soy wax. Palo santo is a member of the citrus family which adds the sharp sweetness of citrus to the earthy, woody scent of patchouli.

There are many varieties of palo santo patchouli candles available online, often combined with other aromatic ingredients such as sandalwood and lavender.

Provided you check that only natural ingredients are used in the formulation of the scents or the wax they are all completely non-toxic and safe around children and household pets.

Palo Santo wood chips are one of the most popular ways to use it as incense. The Palo Santo wood chips infused with patchouli oils are said to be more powerful than most other blends of aromatic woods. It is centering, arousing passion, attracting love, wealth and abundance.

Palo santo aromatic wood chips can be burned along with dried patchouli, and for best effects it can be burned on charcoal tablets as resin.

As incense sticks palo santo and patchouli blended together is less common and often online retailers will sell a mixed pack of palo santo incense sticks and patchouli incense sticks.

However with some research it is possible to find incense sticks with a blend of the two aromatics.

Together they burn with fragrant notes of black pepper, cloves, lavender and cedar.

Palo santo is enjoying recent popularity and combined with traditional patchouli they make a very interesting, exotic and unusual fragrance unlike anything else you may have experienced before.

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