Powder Incense Burners (Best Choices)


Burning powder incense requires specialized holders or burners. Charcoal tablets are commonly used as a heat source in these burners, as the powder incense must be placed on top of the charcoal to burn. It is essential that the burner used is fireproof to ensure safe burning.

In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the top powder incense burners currently available on the market.

Best Powder Incense Burners

Quick Picks:

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Black Brass Incense Holder

Best Overall:

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Alternative Imagination Brass Incense Holder

Created in a stunning black-coated brass, this bowl burner is a very appealing item. The black matte is finely inscribed to show geometric designs in a gold hue.

It comes with frankincense, an ancient form of incense, traded along the Silk Road from Arabia for over 5,000 years, and I was immediately reminded of visits to Arab souks and street markets.

There is a brass wire screen on top of the bowl, and a charcoal tablet sits on this. After the charcoal is lit and begins to smolder, the incense is placed on the charcoal to release its wonderful fragrance.

Ashes and residue fall into the bowl for easy cleaning. There is also a wooden coaster to protect your furniture.

A similar design and shape is also seen in this burner of Indian origin, whereas the first burner had a Chinese influence.

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New Age Imports, Inc. India Brass Charcoal Screen Incense Burner

This burner is smaller, about teacup size, and is again matte black with brass inscribed designs. Similarly it has a wire screen on the bowl for a charcoal tablet, and a wooden protective coaster underneath.

Three Bowl Burners

There are three burners of similar design, intended for use with powder, cones or coils. They are bowl shape and each have perforated lids, with interesting metalwork on the lid.

The Xiao burner is ceramic with a blue and black glaze.

Best Budget Option:

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Xiao Incense Burner with Calabash Incense Stick Holder

The lid is decorated with brass chrysanthemum petals, and on the base there are three small feet to support it above a surface.

Video: Ceramic Incense Burners Portable Porcelain Censer

An important note is that this burner should not be used with charcoal. Being ceramic, the high temperatures of the burning charcoal may cause damage to the bowl.

Next, we have a metal burner that is highly decorative. When it comes to burning powder incense using charcoal tablets, I usually prefer metal incense burners.

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Alloy Lotus Buddha Incense Burner

Made in a bronze alloy it has stylized lotus flowers around the bowl and on the perforated lid.

The lotus flower is common in Eastern design as a symbol of purity and enlightenment, so is often used in objects intended for meditation or to bring harmony to the house.

It has a pedestal base so heat from the metal base will not affect furniture.

The third bowl burner is one of my favorites for its finely detail designwork on the lid, which features two birds, sitting in a magnolia tree in full bloom.

Most Minimal & Elegant:

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GUVVEAZ Alloy Incense Holder Burner

I can imagine this piece in my home even without the incense burning, it is such a delicate object made in a copper alloy.

Bakhoor Burner

Most-Reviewed Product:

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AM Luxury Globe Incense Burner

Bakhoor is the fragrance of Arabia, and this wonderfully crafted burner certainly fits in an Arabian Nights scene.

Quite tall – almost 11 inches high – it is shaped like a chalice with a dome lid, and I am reminded of a religious object.

Video: Attar Mist Luxury Globe Burner

Made in resin with the appearance of wood, it is inlaid with gold and silver patterns.

The domed lid has a series of holes around the edge to release the smoke, and it is primarily intended for burning frankincense on charcoal, although it can be used for bakhoor, sometimes known as Oud, the fragrant wood-chips popularly burned as incense in the Middle East.

Lotus Root Burner

Best for Continuous Use:

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NAGU Incense Burner Holder

Sometimes a small, simple design can be beautiful. This burner in the shape of a Lotus root can fit in my hand, and has a basic, unadorned design, yet elegant in its simplicity.

Made in ceramic with a green jade glaze, trimmed lightly with a gold edging, it has a matte finish and is more suitable for cones, powder or coils.

I like the small size and minimalist design, which makes it easy to bring with you when travelling.

Palo Santo Burner

Most Natural:

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Palo Santo Incense Holder – Handmade Incense Burner in Terracotta

Palo Santo translates as ‘holy wood’, which was used as a form of incense in South America in rituals, like house cleansing after a bereavement etc.

This burner can be used for cone, powder and coil incense, and is made from terracotta, shaped like an ancient Incan relic.

For a touch of the exotic you can used original Palo Santo Amarillo cones, the incense being resin harvested from trees in Peru and is totally organic.

Elephant Burner

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K COOL Alloy Incense Holder

This is quite an unusual piece, what I would call a collectible. It is in a hand carved zinc-alloy, with a polished copper finish, and is in the shape of an elephant – but much smaller!

The body of the elephant contains the burning incense, and the smoke flows out of a basket-shaped lid on his back.

As a gift item it would also make a nice little jewelry box, and the elephant’s feet have small felt pads to avoid scratching the furniture.

Ideal for coils or cones, charcoal tablets are not recommended due to the level of heat generated.

Tibetan Incense Burners

Best Branded Products:

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Tibetan Incense Burner – SMALL Size
sleeri Tibetan Incense Burner

In ancient Tibetan lore there are eight auspicious, or lucky, symbols used for decoration.

In this first burner the symbols are colored and inset into the lid around an incense stick holder, surrounded by white and gold trim.

Although I know the symbols they are so stylized I cannot identify them, though I find the design quite abstract and charming. The burner is crafted in copper with a pedestal base.

The second burner is in the shape of a small, round bronze box and has the lucky symbols set around the base.

When I saw the lid I was fascinated by the delicate metalwork, intertwining leaves and flower petals, a true work of art. Once again it can stand alone as a household ornament, a lovely gift for a friend or neighbor.

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