Cone Incense Burner (Best Choices)


Incense cones are a popular type of incense and they come in a variety of different fragrances. Typically, they are burnt in an incense cone holder that is specifically designed for holding incense cones.

Best Cone Incense Burner

Often when we think about incense the image brought to mind is the incense stick, or joss stick as it is sometimes called. However another very popular type of incense is in the shape of a small cone. 

There are many burners that are suitable for cone shaped incense, and it is possible to buy incense cones with a holder, and even an incense cone burner gift set which is great for special friends who have not tried a cone scent burner before.

Below, I will discuss some of the best incense cone holders, their features, and their pros and cons.

Quick Picks:

Best OverallMost ElelgantBranded Product

Backflow Cone Incense Burner

Cone incense also comes in a unique style, the backflow cone. These have a small hole drilled in the base of the cone so that the smoke in a backflow cone incense burner flows downwards through the hole rather than up in the air. Backflow cone holders generally hold one cone, and backflow cone burners come in many styles and designs.

The incense cone backflow burner is one of the most attractive and unusual ways of burning incense, and an interesting addition to your home decor.

Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner

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SOYO Backflow Ceramic Waterfall Incense Holder

This is a simple and elegant cone incense burner, designed as a waterfall. It is featured in an aqua blue ceramic but is also available in red, navy blue, black and brown. The incense cone holder sits at the top of the waterfall and the smoke flows down over a series of bamboo leaf shapes. The overall effect is like a fountain when the incense cone is burning.

This waterfall cone burner is a wonderful value, and comes complete with 120 incense cones of different scents and also 30 incense sticks. I find that the cones can leave a stain on the burner, and this can easily be washed off just with water.

Waterfall Garden Incense Cone Holder

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ZWCIBN Incense Burner

Shaped like a huge egg, and cut away to reveal a quaint Chinese landscape inside, this waterfall cone incense burner is one that will keep you attention. The backflow cone sits at the top of a rocky hill and the smoke flows down past trees and an old house, under a small bridge and pools around the bottom.

Video: Backflow Incense burner

This backflow cone incense burner is made from easy-to-clean resin, and I would suggest pacing it on a stain-proof surface, since the smoke actually flows out of the bottom part and onto your furniture. A small mat is supplied with the burner for that purpose, along with 50 incense cones.

Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall 2 Sides

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SPACEKEEPER Incense Burner

This backflow incense burner has two cone holders at the top of a craggy mountain, designed and made in black glazed ceramic. The reason for two cone holders is that the smoke flows down both the front and the back of the burner, so it can be seen from both angles.

The effect is of water flowing down a mountain stream like a waterfall, ending in a rocky pool at the bottom. This backflow incense cone burner comes with 120 cones in 8 different scents and also 30 incense sticks.

Lotus Backflow Cone Incense Burner

Best for Rest and Relaxation:

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Lotus Backflow Incense Holder

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus flower represents purity of the body, the speech and the mind. This beautiful backflow incense burner has a white lotus blossom blended with a dark brown semi-gloss ceramic design that features Buddha’s hands in an elegant pose. One hand is shaped in the classic meditation pose, the other is palm upwards holding the lotus.

The smoke from the backflow cone drifts down the burner through a narrow channel, cascading down to a pool below.

This is such a delicate piece, care must be taken when it is received and unwrapped to avoid damage.

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Lotus Buddha Backflow Incense Holder

This backflow cone incense burner is a similar design, featuring the hands of Buddha in meditation pose and with palm upwards holding a lotus flower, and framed within an upside-down heart shape. The smoke from the backflow cones drifts down onto the lotus and then down to the base.

It is made in a bronze color ceramic and comes with 10 incense cones.

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Ceramics Waterfall Backflow Incense Holder

The backflow cone sits in the closed bud of a lotus flower, and the smoke flows through a leaf shape down to a pool in another leaf shape where an open lotus blossom appears to float on the pool of incense smoke.

The backflow cone incense burner is made in a blue-green ceramic and it comes with 50 incense cones in 7 different fragrances. An incense stick can also be used with this burner and it is supplied with 35 sticks.

Voodoo Doll Cone Burner

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Cacukap Voodoo Doll Cone Incense Burner
Voodoo Doll Incense Burner

These voodoo doll cone incense burners come singly, and also in a set of two. They are a very amusing and novel item, made in a cold-glazed mottled stoneware ceramic, in the style of a rag doll, but not the sort a child would play with. They have ceramic button eyes and feature pins stuck in the side and head like real voodoo dolls.

I am sure you would have friends who appreciate something a little less ordinary who would love these as a gift. They use regular incense cones, and the smoke comes out of the button eyes and the mouth, which is designed to look like stitching.

The cute voodoo cone burner has an opening in the back so an incense cone can be placed inside.

Dragon Cone Incense Burner

Dragons are predominant in Chinese culture, symbolizing power, strength and good luck. They are spiritual figures which bring prosperity and harmony, and they can exercise control over rain, storms, typhoons and floods.

A dragon figurine in Henan, China, was unearthed in 1987, and was dated back to 5,000 BC. Jade carvings from around the same period have been discovered engraved with dragon motifs.

The dragons are usually shown as snakes with legs, sometimes with wings and sometimes without.

Dragon cone incense burners can be found in many households to bring good luck and harmony to the home, making them a welcome gift for special occasions especially as a housewarming gift for new neighbors.

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Backflow Incense Burner Dragon

Using the design of a stylized wave, this is a water dragon cone burner symbolizing good luck. The dragon sits on the wave, holding a small blue glass ball, like a mystic crystal ball. Perhaps the dragon is reading your fortune.

The backflow incense cone sits on the dragon’s head and the smoke flows down through his mouth and onto the glass ball, giving the effect of a smoking dragon.

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Fly Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

In Chinese lore the winged dragon is called a Yinlong, and has power over rain. Fortunately this dragon cone incense burner will only bring fragrance to your home, and not precipitation (I hope!).

The design shows a dragon with large wings curled around a stone edifice, maybe a ruined castle, and the backflow incense cone sits on the dragon’s back, with the smoke flowing down from his mouth down a series of steps into a pool below.

The base of the figure also has a small hole to insert an incense stick which can be burned at the same time as the incense cone.

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Dragon Ceramic Backflow Handcraft Incense Burner

The horned dragon is the most powerful dragon deity in Chinese tradition. This representation of a horned dragon, or “Qiulong”, is made in a black ceramic, and although intricately carved this smoking dragon incense cone burner is relatively simple.

Video: How to use incense cones placed in the ceramic dragon incense burner

The dragon is shown bending over a pool; The backflow incense cone is placed on his head between the horns and the smoke issues from his mouth and directly into the pool.

The base features a lotus bud which is in fact an incense stick holder. This dragon cone burner comes with 40 cones in 8 different fragrances and 50 incense sticks.

Blue Dragon Cone Incense Burner

In Chinese legend, the blue dragon is a sea serpent; a light blue dragon represents flight and the sky, while a dark blue dragon represents still, deep water.

Blue dragons are very protective, and a blue dragon incense burner would make a beautiful housewarming gift for a friend or a neighbor.

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Nemesis Now Dragons Intrigue Incense Burner

This winged and horned blue dragon looks like it is straight out of a fantasy movie. It’s huge wings encircle the rock where the dragon crouches, ready to spring into the air.

The backflow cone sits on the rock beside it, as the smoke drifts down into a representation of a bubbling geyser pool, and the dragon’s tail is curved around the base.

It is hand-painted in a vibrant dark blue with gold highlights in the wings and horns.

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Blue Dragon on Sapphire Effect Geode Incense Holder

This blue dragon crouches on a sapphire geode designed to look like a small cave, as if it is protecting its treasures.

The interior of the geode has a crystal sparkle, the dragon is hand-painted in deep blue with gold highlights, and the whole piece is made from polystone resin.

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Aqua Blue Ceramic Dragon Smoke Fountain Incense Holder

The light, aqua blue dragon is perched lizard-like on a rock. The backflow incense cone sits beside it on the rock and the smoke curls down giving a mystical effect.

This dragon cone incense burner is made in ceramic but looks almost like a light green jade.

A light blue green dragon symbolizes the approach of spring, a time of clear skies and regeneration, and if you give one as a gift, make sure you tell its significance!

Metal Incense Cone Holder

Cone Incense Charcoal Burner

Best for Continuous Use:

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MEDOOSKY Incense Holder Burner

Highly ornate and decorated with symbols of Tibetan Buddhism this bowl burner has a small gourd shaped pedestal inside to hold incense cones, coils and sticks.

The small pedestal can be removed so that resins or powders can also be burned in the bowl using a charcoal tablet.

It is crafted in a blued copper finish, and retains the incense ashes inside. It can be easily cleaned with just water and wiped dry with a cloth.

It is ideal for meditation or for ceremonial uses, or just as an attractive object for home decoration.

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sleeri Cone Incense Burner Holder

In a traditional lotus flower shape, this incense burner is made in a bronze-look metal and has a very ornate lid. It is a small item, less than 3 inches in diameter, and is most suitable for cones or sticks.

Brass Cone Incense Burner

Most Elegant:

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Golden Tibetan Incense Burner

I love this beautifully decorated brass incense cone holder. It is made in a gold-like brass metal, with blue enamel around the bowl, and red / yellow motifs.

The lid has the sacred Tibetan Buddhist symbols, and on two sides are small handles formed like brass elephant heads, with the trunk curved around to form the handle. It stands on four feet shaped like leopard claws.

It is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, and looks like it would be just as suitable in a Tibetan pagoda or in your living room.

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Incense Burner Bowl for Incense Cones

This bowl incense cone burner has a lid cut with a floral decoration, and the bowl itself is plain and unadorned. It is made from matte-look brass and is suitable for incense cones and coil incense.

It has an insulation mat inside so the base does not get too hot when the incense is burning.

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Small Decorated Brass Charcoal Screen Incense Burner

The bowl of this burner is enameled in black, and etched to show the brass underneath in an abstract design.

It has a wire screen-type lid which lifts off for cleaning. You can place an incense cone inside, or put a small charcoal tablet on top of the wire screen to burn resin incense, and the ashes will fall through the screen.

Video: How to Use Incense Burners and Charcoal

It comes with a black wood coaster to protect your furniture, since the base can get quite hot. A note of caution, it may still be hot for up to 20 minutes after it has finished burning the incense, so handle it with care.

Hanging Incense Cone Burner

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AppyHut Cone Incense Burner

Fully perforated on both lid and bowl base with a flower blossom design, this is a censer that can be suspended on a chain or placed on a surface.

It is made in an antique gold-look brass, as if it might be from an ancient temple. It is Indian in origin, but also has a middle-Eastern look. It comes with a wall-hanging bracket on which are two small bells that will sound gently in the breeze.

Suitable for all types of incense, it can also be used with a tea-light candle to bring a soft glow to a room.

The Most Interesting:

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Mudra Crafts Tibetan Incense Burner

Tibetan incense burners are always very ornate and this hanging brass cone incense burner is no exception. It is made in a blend of brass and copper, and enameled with a light blue mosaic pattern, and also with red and dark blue enamel motifs.

It features sacred Tibetan Buddhist symbols, as well as small figurines of various creatures including birds and monkeys.

In addition to having a chain for suspension, it also has a square pedestal base so it can sit neatly on your shelf, and it is suitable for all types of incense.

Log Cabin Incense Cone Burner

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Small LOG Cabin Incense Burner
Paine’s Log Cabin Burner

These two novel incense burners are made of wood and in the shape of log cabins. The roof of each burner has a square chimney piece so it can be easily lifted off, allowing you to place the incense inside for burning, and the incense smoke rises through the chimney, like a real log cabin.

One of these burners comes with 10 Balsam Fir logs – better known as the Christmas tree. The other log cabin burner comes with incense cones made from red cedar wood.

Both are aromatic woods, and when burning are reminiscent of campfire nights in the forest.

Mushroom Incense Cone Burner

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Fantasy Gifts Tree Man Incense Burner

This cool incense cone holder looks like “the old man of the forest”. In the shape of a tree trunk in a verdant woodland setting, the tree features the face of an old man, with a big mustache and piercing blue eyes.

The backflow incense cone sits on top of the tree trunk, and the smoke pours down out of the old man’s mouth. It is very colorful and has white-spotted red mushrooms around the base.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Magic Mushroom Garden Cone Incense Burner

This mushroom cone incense burner features a whole family of mushrooms, with individual faces and characteristics, set on a narrow 12 inch stand. It also has a cool little frog figurine on one end , with an owl sitting on the frog’s shoulder, to make it even more surreal.

This would be a great gift for a Halloween or theme party, or just something to entertain and delight your guests.

Ceramic Cone Incense Burner

Best Overall:

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Ceramic Incense Burner

Like an antique Chinese incense bowl, maybe from an ancient dynasty, this burner is made in a jade-green ceramic, inlaid with brass and enamel dragons.

It has a fireproof cotton mat to place inside, to protect your furniture from heat, and comes with 48 pieces of coil incense.

The burner comes packaged in a gift box as a set, making it an ideal gift box for a special occasion, especially for someone who enjoys meditation.

Best Budget Option:

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Incense Burner 3 in 1

This bowl shaped ceramic incense cone holder can also be used for coil incense. It is made in an attractive red gloss glaze, and has a metal lid, decorated with metal chrysanthemum blooms.

It also has a removable incense stick holder inside, but this bowl burner should not be used with charcoal tablets, the ceramic bowl is not suitable for the high level of heat from the charcoal.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Ceramic Incense Holder

Decorated with lotus flowers around the bowl and with a patterned metal lid, this ceramic incense cone holder is made in an unglazed matte brown.

It also comes with a fireproof cotton mat for use with coil incense, and a gourd shaped holder for incense sticks.

Large Cone Incense Burner

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XIAOBAI-WJ Backflow Incense Burner

Many cone incense burners are quite small and functional, but this big cone incense burner is almost 12 inches in width, making it quite a display item for your home.

It is designed for incense cones, and is made as a country village scene. There is a farmhouse with a horse grazing alongside it, and the smoke from the backflow cone flows down into the large bowl on which the scene sits.

I can almost see the rural scene as the smoke flows gently like early morning mist over the fields.

Tall Cone Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
semli Large Incense Burner

Made in the shape of a rocky precipice, this cone incense burner is fascinating to look at, with several interesting design features.

There is an orange/yellow ball part hidden behind the top peak, as if it is the rising sun. This is where the backflow incense cone sits, and the smoke cascades down past a little pagoda-shaped house, under a silver bridge and into a pool at the base, where floats a yellow sampan.

This piece will bring many hours of enjoyment in meditation and as a centerpiece in your home.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
OUYEE Buddha Monk Backflow Incense Burner

This is a very special piece, almost a religious artifact. It features two hands raised in prayer, holding a lotus flower on which the backflow incense cone sits.

The smoke flows down around a small statue of a Buddhist monk, with one hand raised and the other holding an incense stick.

It is a very peaceful and calming incense burner, ideal for a special place in your home.

Skull Cone Incense Burner

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Geode Skull Back Flow Incense Burner

Skull incense cone burners can be a little unsettling, but are novelty items that also remind us of our humanity. This first one is quite colorful, and is a skull sitting on top of a geode, in which we can see large crystals.

There is an LED color-changing backlight inside the cave-like geode, making it sparkle and giving your room a soft light in the evening.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Nemesis Now Skull Backflow Tower Incense Burner

Made in a black resin, this backflow incense burner features three laughing skulls on a rocky terrace, as the incense smoke flows down around them.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Wakauto Skull Backflow Incense Burner

This rather grisly skull incense cone burner seems to be a pirate, holding two of his victims’ skulls. The backflow cone sits in a space behind the pirate’s head, and the smoke flows out of his elongated tongue.

Definitely not for the squeamish, but would suit fans of pirate movies.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Covoi Backflow Incense Burner

This backflow cone incense burner features three pale bone-colored skulls on a rock encircled by a black cobra.

The smoke flows through the mouth of one of the skulls into a jagged rock pool below. The skulls are decorated with the pirate symbol of crossed bones.

Wolf Cone Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Hosley Resin Wolf Decor Statue Incense Cone Burner

This wolf incense cone holder is in the shape of a wolf, howling at the moon, the incense smoke rising like steam from his breath in the cold night air.

The wolf is quite tall, standing around 12 inches in height, and is made in a light gray resin.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Something Different Wholesale Wolf Cone Burner

This howling wolf incense cone holder is shorter at around 5 inches in height, and is made in a dark gray plastic, which can get quite hot, so it should be placed carefully on a mat or protective covering.

Lisa Parker Cone Burner

Red Smoking Toadstool Incense Cone Holder

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Lisa Parker Red Smoking Toadstool Incense Cone Burner
Something different Red Smoking Toadstool Incense Cone Holder

Like something from a fairy tale, this smoking toadstool incense cone holder is cute and colorful. Like the home of a woodland elf, it has a door, window and chimney, from which comes the smoke from the burning incense cone inside the toadstool house.

Pyramid Cone Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Govinda Charcoal/Cone Burner
Cone Temple Style Wooden Incense Burner

These hand-carved wooden cone incense burners are in the shape of pyramids sitting on a wooden box base, similar to Asia or Indian style temples.

They can be sold individually or in a set of two pieces.

Incense Cone Burner Box

Wooden Incense Cone Box

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Wooden Coffin Incense Burner

Commonly known as a coffin incense burner because of the shape, this wooden box burner has two small brass cups inside to hold incense cones, and can also hold incense sticks.

It is a simple, functional design in light wood, with small brass leaf-shaped inlaid along the sides of the box.

Christmas Incense Cone Burners

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Smoking Country Christmas Cabin Incense Burner

Is it Christmas already? This cute little christmas house incense cone burner is a log and stone cabin style, complete with snow on the eves, a Christmas wreath of holly on the door, and even a snowman on the front lawn.

The incense smoke comes up out of the chimney, and this is a wonderful seasonal gift or a decoration for your home at holiday time.

Cauldron Incense Cone Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Spirit of Equinox Pentagram Incense Cone Burner

Like a bubbling witches brew, this black resin cauldron is simply decorated with a pentagram within a circle.

The smoke from the incense cone inside the cauldron rises through holes in the bubbled lid as if the brew was boiling.

Elephant Incense Cone Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
wangstar Backflow Incense Holder

A backflow cone sits just behind the head of this baby elephant, and the smoke flows out of its trunk, and into a leaf-shaped pond.

The elephant is made in a black ceramic and is a cute little cone incense burner.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
India Elephant Circle Incense & Cone Burner

Seven miniature elephants circle a stone bowl, around a stone platform. This small item is only about 4 inches in diameter and is hand-carved from soapstone. It is suitable for regular cone incense and can also hold incense sticks.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
K COOL Alloy Incense Holder

In an antique gold style bronze, this well made incense burner is in the shape of an elephant with a metal basket on its back to hold the burning incense. Although small it is a reasonable weight and can burn all types of incense.

The metal feet of the elephant have felt pads to avoid scratching the furniture.

Cone Incense Burner Lamp

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Brass Aladdin Genie Lamps Incense Burner

Aladdin would not have to polish this genie lamp, it is already shining in burnished brass. Ideal as a Diwali gift, it is designed to burn incense cones and is an attractive decor item.

Japanese Cone Incense Burner

When we think of incense burning we often relate it to Chinese or Tibetan religious practices, but incense is also a feature of Japanese traditions. Japanese incense burners tend to be less ornate than Chinese, but are perhaps more elegant in their simplicity

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Jizo-san Incense Holder

This Japanese cone incense burner is in the shape of a praying monk, and sits on a small coaster. It is made of mottled ceramic, while the coaster is black ceramic.

Best Branded Product:

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Shoyeido’s Baby Owl Incense Holder

This small cone burner is an owl sitting on a leaf. Made in high-quality pottery, it is designed for incense cones, with the smoke coming through the eyes of the owl.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
SHOYEIDO Azure Incense Bowl

As with much Japanese design, the most simple can be the most precious. This simple pottery bowl cone incense burner is glazed in blue and brown, and could be made recently or over 1,000 years ago, and has the look of a real antique.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
nippon kodo – Ceramic Incense Burner

A classic Japanese design, this cone incense burner is in the shape of a rabbit, sitting upright with closed eyes. Another very simple cone burner, in a cracked glaze pale ceramic, an adorable little creature.

Cat Incense Cone Burner

Most Elegant:

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Shoyeido’s Kitty Cat Maneki Neko Incense Holder

Cats symbolize good luck and coming wealth in Eastern mythology, and this Japanese kitten incense cone burner is an attractive piece in a colorful glazed pottery.

The incense cone is placed on the square base, and the cat sits on top of it with the incense smoke coming out of the cat’s ears.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
nippon kodo – Ceramic Incense Burner

In a pale cracked glaze similar to the rabbit, this cat has a satisfied , well-fed look. It can be used for a stick or a cone, and sits on a square base.

Glass Cone Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Pssopp LED Backflow Incense Burner

Inside a glass cylinder is a glass globe which is actually a LED light. Above it, under the lid, is a dragon’s head. The backflow incense cone sits on the lid, the smoke flows down through the dragon’s mouth onto the glass ball, and it is all contained within the glass cylinder.

It would be perfect as a night light, or just to decorate a room.

Frog Cone Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Fantasy Gifts Frog Back Flow Burner

A frog sits under a lotus flower in this novelty cone incense burner. The backflow cone sits in the middle of the pink lotus blossom and flows down around the frog, who seems to be sheltering from the rain.

The leaves of the lotus and the frog are colorful in bright green ceramic, and the cone holder is made in metal.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
backflow Incense Burner

In this brass burner, the backflow cone sits on top of a lotus, and the smoke cascades down two large leaves into a pond. A frog sits on the edge facing outwards, as if it was about to leap off.

I like this frog, it seems to have a dynamic action, and is almost lifelike.

Turtle Cone Incense Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Alternative Imagination Turtle Incense Burner

The back of this turtle lifts off to show it as a saucer like bowl on legs. It is ideal for burning incense cones, or also resin on charcoal tablets.

It is gold-like in highly polished brass and the turtle design is in almost a pre-Colombian shape, like a treasure of the Incas.

Black Incense Cone Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
VVMONE Cute Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder

This simple cone incense burner is in the shape of a series of leaf steps; the backflow cone sits at the top and the smoke flows down in a small waterfall. It is made in a black gloss ceramic, with small holes in the base to hold incense sticks.

It is tremendous value, coming complete with 100 incense cones in eight different fragrances, and 30 incense sticks.

White Incense Cone Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
EXCEART Ceramic Incense Burner

Perfect for aromatherapy, this very plain and simple burner is in a white ceramic without any decoration; a simple bowl and lid which would not be out of place in a massage spa room.

The lid has a hole in the center to release the smoke from the cone, and has smaller holes around the lid to hold incense sticks.

Incense Cone Burner Cottage

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Small house cone incense burner

In the shape of a small house, this cone incense burner is in a simple unglazed pottery, hand-made and kiln-fired. It can also be used with a tea-light candle as a night light, giving a warm glow through the windows of the house.

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Giftbrit Fairy House Design Incense Cone Burner

There are three different designs for this fairy cottage cone incense burner, which can be purchased singly. The cottages can have a red or green tiled roof, or a thatched roof.

They are all very colorful, and when a lighted incense cone is placed inside the smoke rises through the chimney.

Teepee Incense Cone Burner

PictureProduct Link [*Amazon]
Giftbrit Boho Bandit Teepee Incense Cone Burner

This is a cute novelty item, styled as a teepee of the Indian peoples of the North American plains. It is made in light colored resin, and the cone is placed inside.

The smoke rises through the top of the teepee, like from a genuine lodge fire.

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